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Companies use AI to screen applicants, we automate sending out applications.

Matched with AI 🤖, submitted and reviewed by our team 👫 using our automation tools 🛠️

I do not have time to apply to jobs

I hate workday signup

Job search is stressful

I need AI resume and cover letter generator

Job seekers spend more than 8 hours a week searching and applying...

Expand your reach

Imagine applying to every suitable job out there. We help you get closer, with up to 200 job applications per month.

More time for you to learn

Get all your time back by putting the most stressful part of your job search on autopilot.

Safe and proven is used by directors, VPs, and executives. Every job application is reviewed by a human and then submitted.

How does it work?

Step 1

Get onboarded

We onboard you to our proven AI-Human duo platform let you choose your job search preferences. We help you tailor your resume, allowing you to sit back and relax while we do the work!

Step 2

We find, we apply!

After everything is sorted out, your profile gets matched to the most relevant jobs and we start submitting your applications using automation tools.

Step 3

Optionally add jobs to your wish list

Never feel missing out on a job you might want. Just add it to your wish list and they will be applied for on your behalf. Even if it is custom form on company website. Easy apply just got easier!

Step 4

Land your dream job

Land interviews and choose the job which you like

What is included

Targeted Jobs

Add your preferences, and only relevant jobs will be added.

Personalized Applications

Automatically generates personalized cover letters for all applications, including responses to questions like "What makes you a good fit?"

Stand out

Easy apply is easy, but there are hundreds of applicants for each job. Applying on company sites gives you an advantage.

Automated Emails

Coming soon

Take Control

Want to select jobs manually? You can add them to your wishlist.

Fresh Jobs

Get access to a database of over half a million jobs—all authentic, directly from ATS systems.

Find Job For Me

Your job search automation reviewed by humans

Tailored Resume

Automatic keyword optimization of resume to each job description

AI Cover Letters

Cover letters are stupid! but why miss a chance when other applicants might have posted great letters. We do it automatically

Human Review

Unlike other AI automations we make sure your job applications are correct by human review

Never miss out

Feeling too tired to fill out a job application? Automate the process with jobr.

Self Service Tools

AI Cover Letter & Resume Builder

ATS systems work like search engines, and your resume is like a website. Optimize your resume for the job role and job posting to ensure it gets considered.

Generate cover letters that resonate with your profile and the job posting to make sure you stand out!

Job Tracker (Free)

Keep all your job applications in one place and revisit them anytime to learn about the company or job requirements, and improve your interview preparation.

Have you ever received an interview call and struggled to find the actual job posting?

Job Search Preferences

Specify your exact job search requirements so Jobr can automatically find jobs that match your preferences.

Your custom instructions for job applications or job search are used by the AI models to serve you accordingly. For example, you could specify that cover letters should be friendly.

Jobs From Company Job Portals (Free)

Access fresh jobs directly from company job boards linked with their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), increasing your chances of getting considered.

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